I love Wheat Thins. I keep a box of them around for snacking - they are like potato chips to me. Perfect for anytime you need a quick snack, and perfect with any type of spread on top! My favorite are original and multi-grain. So of course, when I got a coupon to try their new Stix, I had to do it! I'm not a huge fan of flavored crackers, and from what I could tell, they come in Honey Wheat and Fire Roasted Tomato. I opted for the Honey Wheat with some hesitation. I love wheat, but honey... not so much. I'm a cracker purist and I don't want my crackers sweet.

I had guests over to dinner and put the Stix out with a port wine cheese ball. Let me just tell you the Stix didn't last! They tasted very much like my Wheat Thins did, I could not taste the honey at all, and for me, that was perfect! They are in a great size, not too thin or thick, not too long, just perfect! I'd say they are about the length of a pretzel stick, only thicker, yet only about half as thick as a normal cracker breadstick. The taste was outstanding, as good as my regular Wheat Thins, if not better! They actually were perfect with the port wine cheese, and would be great with any thinner dips or spreads where you can just dip the Stix in to cover it. But honestly, you don't need anything with these.

The box is a little unusual. You are supposed to bend down the flaps and squeeze the box open for more of a bowl shape for snacking. But I don't really see the point. If you are just snacking, you can grab them out of the box. For guests, you'll want to remove them from the box all together. Seems pretty pointless to me.

I love that fact that a serving size is 14 pieces, which is a lot! There is only 130 calories and 4g fat per serving, and 0 cholesterol. Plus they are whole grain.

I'm really pleased with Wheat Thins Stix and hope they stay part of the product line for a long time!

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